Holimo, Stronie Śląskie
Holimo, Stronie Śląskie
Holimo, Stronie Śląskie
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Regulamin Holimo Hotel***

Datum příjezdu
04 červenec 2022
Datum odjezdu
05 červenec 2022

The regulations define the most important aspects related to your stay at the Holimo Hotel. Please read it before your arrival.

Designation of legal terms

Holimo Hotel – hotel with a swimming pool and sauna area, restaurant, lobby bar and garden located in Stara Morawa 11a, 57 - 550 Stronie Śląskie.
Guest – a natural or legal person who is a party to a contract for the provision of hotel services (for a holiday or tourist stay), at the disposal of the Hotel Holimo.
Hotel managing entity – Holimo Limited Liability Company with its registered office: Stara Morawa 11a, 57-550 Stronie Śląskie, entered by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław into the Register of Entrepreneurs under the number KRS 0000893999, REGON 388668929, NIP 881 149 96 35.

§1 Subject of the Regulations

  1. The Hotel Regulations are valid on the premises of the Hotel and apply to all persons staying in it.
  2. The lessor of the rooms is hereinafter referred to as the “Hotel”, while the lessee of the room is referred to as the “Guest”.
  3. The guest’s caretaker is an employee of the hotel reception.
  4. The Hotel Regulations define the rules for the provision of services, liability and stay at the Hotel and are an integral part of the contract, the conclusion of which takes place by making a reservation, paying a deposit or the entire amount due for the stay or by signing a registration card. By performing the above-mentioned activities, the Guest confirms that he has read and fully accepts the terms of the regulations and undertakes to comply with them.
  5. The Hotel Regulations are available at the hotel reception and on the Hotel website www.holimo.pl.


§1a Provision of hotel services during the Covid-19 pandemic 

  1. In connection with the occurrence of the Covid-19 epidemic in the territory of the Republic of Poland, caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 enacts generally applicable provisions of law that periodically restrict or prohibit the provision of hotel services and accompanying services (including in particular: gastronomy, spa, swimming pool, sports equipment rentals, sports facilities, animations). The hotel provides services each time within the limits of the currently applicable, legally established restrictions, orders and bans and in accordance with sanitary guidelines. The facility has the right to refuse to provide hotel services in the event that during the period covered by the reservation, the provisions of generally applicable law limit the possibility of providing these services. If it is not possible to provide the service in accordance with the prior reservation and the purchased package, the Hotel will be entitled to offer another service that can be fulfilled on the date of implementation, in accordance with the restrictions, orders and prohibitions established under generally applicable legal acts, cancellation of the reservation, condition of the provision of services on meeting the conditions (including the presentation of documents) required by the generally applicable law. The hotel is not responsible for the failure to provide the service in whole or in part due to circumstances for which it is not responsible (the so-called force majeure).


§2 Hotel night

  1. The accommodation space in the Hotel, hereinafter referred to as the “room”, is rented for days.
  2. The hotel night starts at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 11:00 a.m. the next day.
  3. If the Guest did not specify the length of stay at the time of renting the room, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one hotel night.
  4. A request for an extension of the hotel day should be reported by the Guest at the reception, at the latest by 10:00 am on the day of the ending stay. The hotel may not take into account the request to extend the stay if all accommodation places (rooms) are used or in the case of a Guest who does not comply with the applicable regulations.
  5. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to extend the Guest’s stay at the Hotel in the event of failure to make full payment for the current stay.
  6. Extending the hotel day is associated with an additional fee in accordance with the current hotel price list. Detailed information on fees related to the extension of the day can be obtained at the hotel reception.


§3 Reservation and check-in

  1. Reservations can be made online via the Hotel’s website, via the hotel’s brokers’ websites, by calling the hotel reception or in person at the Holimo Hotel.
  2. After making a reservation by the hotel reception, the Guest receives an initial booking agreement by e-mail, which includes the booking conditions and information necessary to make an deposit or an advance payment in accordance with the terms of stay. 
  3. If the advance payment or deposit is not transferred to the hotel’s bank account within the time specified in the preliminary booking agreement or is received later, the Hotel reserves the right to sell the room to another person and cancel the reservation. 
  4. The basis for accepting a Guest is the presentation of an identity document with a photo to the receptionist and signing the registration card. Upon check-in, the guest receives two hotel cards, which are coded for the guest for the duration of his stay and cannot be transferred to third parties. With the help of the card, the guest opens the door to the reserved room and the door to the wellness area (swimming pool and spa).
  5. The hotel guest may not transfer the room to third parties, even if the period for which he has paid the due fee for the stay has not expired.
  6. The Hotel may refuse to accept a Guest who has grossly violated the hotel regulations during the previous stay, causing damage to the property of the hotel or Guests, or damage to the Guest, hotel employee or other people staying at the Hotel, or who otherwise disturbed the peaceful stay of Guests or the functioning of the Hotel.
  7. The hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize a payment card or to charge for the entire stay during the registration process.
  8. Additional payments resulting from the stay are paid by the Guest no later than on the day of departure.
  9. If the Guest leaves the hotel within the time specified in the guaranteed booking agreement, the difference in the costs of the stay will not be refunded.
  10. If the Guest does not arrive at the Hotel by the date specified in the guaranteed booking agreement, the Hotel shall not refund the amount of the deposit or the advance payment.


§4 Hotel services

  1. The hotel provides services with the utmost care. In the event of quality concerns, please report them to the reception desk as soon as possible, which will allow the Hotel staff to react immediately.
  2. The hotel is obliged to provide:
    • conditions for full and unhindered rest,
    • security of stay and protection of personal data,
    • professional and courteous service in the field of all services provided by the Hotel,
    • cleaning the room and carrying out the necessary repairs of the devices during the Guest’s absence, and in his presence only when he wishes,
    • change the room if possible or otherwise try to alleviate the inconvenience, when the defects in the room cannot be removed.


§5 Liability of the hotel

  1. The hotel is liable for the loss or damage of items brought by persons using its services to the extent specified in the provisions of Art. 846-849 of the Civil Code, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.
  2. The hotel guest should notify the reception about the damage immediately after it is discovered.
  3. The hotel is not responsible for damage and loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest.
  4. The hotel is not responsible for items left in the vehicle and live animals, regardless of whether the vehicle has been parked in the hotel car park or outside the hotel premises.
  5. Parking on the premises of the hotel is unguarded.
  6. A video monitoring system is installed in the hotel. Monitoring is used to improve the safety of hotel guests. Monitoring data is stored for 14 days. Monitoring data may be made available on request of the relevant services.


§6 Liability of the guests

  1. Children under the age of 12 should be under the constant supervision of legal guardians on the premises of the Hotel. Legal guardians are financially responsible for any damage caused by children.
  2. The hotel guest bears full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of the hotel’s equipment and technical devices, caused by their fault or the fault of guests visiting them.
  3. In the event of loss or damage to the hotel card referred to in § 3 sec. 4 of the Regulations, the hotel guest should immediately report this fact at the reception. In the event of loss or damage to the hotel card for reasons attributable to the Guest, the Hotel will charge the Guest with the amount of PLN 50, i.e. the cost of producing a new card.
  4. The hotel reserves the right to charge the Guest’s payment card for the damage caused after his departure, and in the absence of card details, the hotel has the right to claim financial compensation from the Guest.
  5. As soon as there are any faults or damage in the room, the Guest is obliged to inform the receptionist or floor service employee about it.
  6. In the event of violation of the provisions of the regulations, the Hotel may refuse to provide further services to the Guest who violates them. The guest is obliged to immediately comply with the Hotel’s requests, settle the amount due for the stay and possible damage, and to leave the Hotel.
  7. For safety reasons, the Guest who leaves the room should always close the window, remove the room card from the power switch, turn off the taps and close the door.
  8. The hotel has a statutory right of lien on items brought by the guest to the hotel in the event of delay or failure to pay for the services provided.


§7 Return of items left behind

  1. Personal items left in the room inadvertently by the departing Guest will be sent back at the guest’s expense to the address provided.


§8 Curfew

  1. There is a curfew at the Hotel from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the next day.
  2. The behavior of guests and people using the hotel services should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guests. The hotel may refuse to continue providing services to a person who violates this principle.


§9 Regulations for using the playroom, conference room

  1. Holimo Hotel provides its youngest guests with the possibility of using the playroom and the conference room for football, table tennis and board games..
  2. The use of the spaces described in point 1 is free of charge.
  3. The games room and the conference room are open at fixed hours, information available at the hotel reception.
  4. The playroom and conference room are intended for children over 4 years of age.
  5. The hotel does not provide care for children in the playroom and conference room. Parents / guardians are responsible for the safety of their children.
  6. The owner and staff are not responsible for the safety of people and children staying in the areas indicated in point 1.
  7. Parents / guardians are kindly asked to take off their children chains, earrings and other ornaments or items of clothing that may be a potential hazard to people playing.
  8. The safety of all playing children requires that they obey basic rules:
    • do not push other children,
    • toys should not be thrown,
    • do not change the place of other toys, equipment,
    • do not bring your own food and drinks to the playroom and conference room,
    • it is forbidden to eat sweets, eat and drink while playing with equipment and toys.
  9. All devices and toys in the playroom and conference room should be used in accordance with their original purpose.
  10. All irregularities related to the operation of equipment and toys should be immediately reported to the hotel reception.
  11. Parents / guardians of children and adults using the playroom and conference room are financially and legally responsible for damage caused to persons and property by themselves / their children.


§10 Regulations for the use of hotel animation

  1. Holimo Hotel provides its youngest guests with the opportunity to participate in animations led by professional animators.  
  2. Participating in the animation is free of charge.
  3. The animations are conducted on designated days, hours and spaces. Information available on the hotel’s website and at the hotel reception.
  4. The animations are intended for children over 4 years of age.
  5. Children under 4 years of age may stay at the animations under the supervision of an adult.
  6. The exit of the child to the toilet is independent without the care of the animator.
  7. Conducting games and animations by animators is not a substitute for childcare, but only organizing time for children during the event.
  8. Neither the animator nor the hotel provides individual childcare. Parents / guardians are responsible for the safety of children participating in the animations.
  9. The animator is not responsible for children who move away from the animation site.
  10. The child’s participation in the classes is tantamount to the acceptance of the above regulations by his parent / guardian. 


§11 Additional provisions

  1. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use open fire in the room, e.g. candles, irons, or other electric devices that are not part of the room equipment.
  2. We accept pets at the hotel for an additional fee and only in selected rooms. Due to the comfort of all guests, the hotel does not accept pets in the hotel restaurant and hotel lobby. Guests with pets on a leash are invited to the terrace of the hotel garden.  
  3. In the hotel, it is possible to use the SPA zone and the playroom on the basis of separate regulations, available at the reception, which guests are obliged to read and comply with. 
  4. The hotel is completely non-smoking. In the event of a breach of the ban, the Guest will be charged with the costs of refreshing the room. If the DSO system is activated and the fire brigade arrives, the Guest will also be charged. In both cases, it costs PLN 400.
  5. The hotel is completely forbidden to possess and consume any narcotic drugs that are prohibited by law. If this prohibition is found to be violated, this fact will be reported to the Police and the Guest will have to immediately leave the Hotel without the right to reimbursement of the costs resulting from the shortening of the stay at the Hotel.
  6. It is forbidden to store dangerous items in hotel rooms, i.e. weapons, ammunition, flammable materials, illuminating materials, etc.
  7. The hotel rooms have an electricity management system based on room cards. Cards issued at the reception should be placed in the power switches after entering the room. Losing the card is associated with a one-time fee of PLN 50.
  8. Guests’ personal data are processed for the purpose of providing hotel services. The administrator of personal data is marked in the registration cards, it is Holimo Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Stara Morawa 11a, 57 - 550 Stronie Śląskie. Full information about personal data is available at the reception.
  9. It is forbidden to conduct acquisitions and door-to-door sales on the premises of the Hotel.
  10. In the common areas: hotel restaurant, lobby bar, terrace, garden, swimming pool, it is forbidden for guests to eat their own food and alcohol.
  11. It is forbidden to make excessive noise on the premises of the Hotel, cause unpleasant odors or perform other activities that disturb, harm or irritate other Hotel Guests.
  12. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the hotel rooms and their equipment, except for a slight rearrangement of furniture and equipment, without compromising their functionality and safety of guests.
  13. The current pricelist of services and fees for the hotel is available at the hotel reception.
  14. All complaints regarding the stay should be submitted to the hotel management in writing to the following e-mail address: kontakt@holimo.pl


§12 Complaints

  1. Guests have the right to file a complaint in the event of noticing deficiencies in the quality of the services provided, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.
  2. The condition for considering a complaint is reporting it in writing to the reception of Hotel Holimo. The complaint should be submitted immediately after noticing the deficiencies in the standard of the services provided.
  3. Complaints will be considered within 30 days of their receipt.
  4. Information on the method of considering the complaint will be sent to the Guest to the e-mail address, postal address or telephone indicated by them.

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